Diode – a specialist in digital net-zero sales journeys for the banking, automotive and energy sectors – has launched Zergo: a free electric vehicle simulator tool to show drivers exactly what it would be like to own any model of EV on the market. 

This innovative tool helps drivers dispel myths and overcome key concerns around EV cost, range anxiety and public charging infrastructure. 

Drivers can compare exactly how much they could save with different EVs compared to petrol and diesel. Lease costs are combined with taxes and running costs to show the true total cost of ownership, based on each driver’s specific trip habits and whether they would use home, work or public charging. 

It also does away with confusing, and often misleading, advertised figures for range and energy consumption – instead showing drivers just how often they would need to charge, including at public rapid charge points for any of their long trips. For many drivers, their use of the public charging network will be much less frequent than they currently realise. 

And the best part is, it does all this for every single model of EV available on the market today. This means drivers will know exactly which EV is right for them, and they can purchase it directly through the platform. 

Drivers also receive a summary report, which supports those who are still uncertain about switching to an EV. This takes them through everything they need to know about EV ownership, such as access to charging; the impact of their driving habits; and potential cost, tax and CO2 savings.  

All this is delivered through a clever survey that gives drivers their results instantly, without the need to spend weeks tracking where they drive. 

Zergo engages and educates drivers, enabling them to choose the right EV for their needs; explore energy tariffs and other EV-related services; and arrange the installation of home charge points, solar PV and batteries.  

Dan Lawrence-Eyre, Co-founder and COO of Diode, said 

‘We’ve launched Zergo to make our cutting-edge EV simulation tool available to individual drivers – whether they’re actively looking for a new car or just want to satisfy their curiosity. 

‘When you’ve got the likes of Rowan Atkinson still peddling the same tired old myths about EV battery lifetimes and environmental impacts, it remains very confusing for would-be EV drivers. But the truth is that EVs are already the right option for the vast majority of car buyers, and Zergo helps them see that through easy-to-understand, highly personalised information.’ 

Complete Zergo’s clever EV simulator, see what EV ownership could look like for you, and start your journey to an EV today.

For more information, you can email Dan Lawrence-Eyre on [email protected]