About us and our values

Diode was founded upon key principles of creativity, environmental consciousness and putting the customer first.

We believe that fighting climate change is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Our founders saw that the journey to planet-conscious buying decisions is often complex and confusing. With the aim of creating and providing new sales tools, Diode is committed to revolutionising the way in which net-zero solutions are delivered to consumers through smart integrations.

The specialist experience of each of our founders shaped Diode and its values.

Jon Horsfield

CEO & Founder

Jon is a charging infrastructure expert, renewable energy enthusiast, and all-round automotive industry specialist. He’s got a particular passion for joining up the dots between the automotive and renewable energy sectors.

Before founding Diode, he headed up the home, fleet and leasing sales teams at Pod Point in the UK and Norway. He’s also helped communities gain stability and improved quality of life by installing wind turbines in rural Peru, as part of a voluntary programme. He brings this experience and passion to his work at Diode.

Tristan Dodson

Co-founder & CTO

Tristan has a background rooted firmly in the sustainable energy sector, combining technical knowledge with a deep understanding of the issues affecting the electrification of transport.

Before co-founding Diode, Tristan worked for low carbon consultancy, Element Energy, where he led their work in EV consumer and charging behaviour modelling for the likes of National Grid, the Department for Transport, and Transport for London. Experience in the sector helped him shape Diode’s service.

Dan Eyre

Co-founder and CMO

Dan is a marketer and customer experience expert whose background consists of pushing forward original ideas, unapologetically putting the customer at the heart of everything, and creating efficiencies in business processes.

Dan helped launch the UK’s first dedicated electric vehicle service centre and the world’s first electric OEM refuse vehicle in Nottingham by providing strategic communications and marketing expertise. His knowledge of customer experience and pathways means that Diode technology remains cutting edge and transformational.


Chief Barketing Officer

Benji is our resident tennis ball expert, sock durability tester and food taster. He has worked tirelessly on his role for his entire life and is totally committed, especially the food tasting.

He is a multitasking ninja with the ability to keep one eye on the door at all times to prevent suspicious people from entering the premises, whilst carefully observing every bite of food being eaten by anyone to ensure not even a crumb is left on the ground, to prevent ant and other insect invasions…of course!