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We’re Diode, and we want to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission vehicles.

Diode is a tech start-up that builds tools to make electric vehicle infrastructure easy to implement for everyone. Our software solutions help businesses, employees and consumers install the right charging infrastructure.

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A part of the solution

We founded Diode in the shadow of the climate emergency. Witnessing increasing global emissions, we set out to play our part. Having worked in the electric vehicle space since 2015, our founding team stepped up to do our bit – to help everyone embrace electric vehicles.

How diode creates understanding

Removing complexity

Our software tools are designed to simplify the whole end-to-end electric vehicle charging infrastructure procurement process.

Using the power of data analytics to join up the dots, streamline processes, and eliminate pain points, we’re creating accessible solutions for everyone.

The Charge Platform is the first tool we will be adding to our toolbox, with many more in the pipeline. Watch this space.

Meet The Team

Why we exist

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Climate emergency

Global warming is the world’s biggest challenge, and helping businesses, employees and consumers switch to zero-emission vehicles is a key component in fighting climate change.

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Right infrastructure

We’ve seen many EV buyers misled over what charging infrastructure to install and heard horror stories of avoidable costly mistakes, so we set about to change that.

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For the many

We believe every business, employee and consumer, no matter how big their budget, should have access to electric vehicle infrastructure expertise.

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Emissions from cars and vans

In the UK, cars and vans make up a quarter of all CO2 emissions, as well as contributing to poor air quality. We want to eliminate these emissions to meet our climate goals and make sure everyone can breathe cleaner air.


Petrol and diesel ban

In response to the on-going climate emergency, the UK government has brought forward the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by a decade to 2030. Forward-thinking, savvy businesses will use the time they have now to get a head start.


Commercial and home chargers

To meet the 2030 fossil fuel vehicle phase out, the UK needs to install 13m home charge points and 1.6m work-place charge points. That’s an average of 4,300 charge points per day for the next 9 years. We aim to make this as easy as possible.

What we provide (1)

What we provide

The Charge Platform assesses electric vehicle suitability across company and employee vehicles, estimates workplace and employee home charging requirements, then procures the necessary infrastructure.

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Assess suitability

Combining existing data, with our Driver Suitability Survey, the Charge Platform assesses the electric vehicle readiness of each company and employee vehicle, and considers when they are likely to switch.

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Make recommendation

the Charge Platform crunches your data and survey results to identify charging demand, the energy required, and the number of sockets needed across business sites and employees’ homes.

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Procure charge points

Loaded with a wide range of hardware manufacturers and installers, the Charge Platform is ready to select the right suppliers for your needs and run the procurement process for you.

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