Diode, a specialist in digital sales journeys for vehicle providers, has announced an exciting partnership with Athlon UK – a leading vehicle leasing and fleet management company in the UK and Europe.

Diode is providing the technology behind Athlon’s EV Ready Tool – a superior customer journey, fit for the EV buyers of the future. The tool provides an intuitive digital journey for businesses and their drivers, helping them with the transition to EV. At the same time, it will enable Athlon’s sales team to uncover company car and salary sacrifice leads and drive conversion.

Businesses and employees will have access to the tool, which will be seamlessly integrated into Athlon’s customer journey and powered by Diode’s clever EV suitability assessment, instant driver readiness report, and dynamic business insights dashboard.

Athlon UK are committed to supporting their customers to achieve their sustainability objectives, and the EV Ready Tool is a leap in the right direction to delivering on this goal. The tool enables businesses to engage, educate and empower all employees to make the switch to an EV, including those who might be ready for an EV but don’t yet know it. Each employee receives a personalised EV-readiness report to show the ways an EV could work for them, such as the convenience of charging and running-cost savings. It also includes a detailed breakdown of charging cost and frequency for every EV on the market.

The business is then presented with a range of insights to help them support their EV transition, such as the number of charge points required, potential cost and CO2 savings, and an overview of EV-readiness across the business.  They can also begin the process of getting the right workplace and home charge points installed, and consider other EV support .

The tool links back into Athlon’s sales journey, and allows businesses to select the right replacement vehicles or let employees pick an EV of their own choice. This part of the journey maximises the number of EV sales by unlocking latent demand for company car and salary sacrifice sales opportunities, including the ability to re-engage with drivers when their vehicles are approaching renewal dates.

Jon Horsfield, Founder and CEO of Diode, said:

“We’re very excited to announce our industry-leading partnership with Athlon UK to bring their EV Ready Tool to market. We’ve worked closely with the team to create a bespoke sales journey and proposition to make the electrification process much easier for existing and new business customers and their employees.”

Richard Dainty, Head of Marketing of Athlon UK said:

The biggest barrier to EV adoption is knowledge and perceived suitability. THE EV ready tool removes both of these barriers by providing personalised insight based on the drivers precise driving routines and requirements. Jargon proof reports empower the driver with statistics and costs bespoke to them. This data can also provide fleet managers with valuable insight towards electrifying their fleet policy. ”

Visit www.athlon.com/uk/emobility to register your interest and get started.