Diode, the electric vehicle tech start-up, is excited to launch its EV suitability and charge point procurement software, Charge Platform™ for Business.

The platform helps to break down the barriers to EV adoption by using the power of data science to educate drivers, assess EV readiness, make workplace and home charging recommendations, and simplify the charge point purchasing process.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes, across all sectors, and their employees, will be able to access the platform to make their electrification experience significantly easier and more informed.

Each employee can complete a short questionnaire covering their home, current vehicle, and trip patterns, which Diode’s intelligent algorithms analyse to instantly create their personalised EV Readiness Report. The report is packed with information on the employee’s access to charging, costs and CO2 savings compared to their current vehicle, plus an interactive tool to assess how different EVs would fit into their lifestyle based on their specific driving behaviour.

This employee EV readiness data is aggregated with workplace site information to give each business a 5-year charging rollout recommendation to support their EV transition. This includes the exact number and type of charge points needed across each workplace site and employees’ homes. Each business can then begin their procurement process with the confidence that they are installing the right infrastructure at the right time.

Jon Horsfield, Founder and CEO at Diode, said:

“Launching our Charge Platform™ is a huge milestone for us. We can now scale our electric vehicle suitability and charge point procurement expertise to the masses.

Our initial focus will be to help businesses make the switch, because this is where we can most effectively kick-start the electrification needed to meet climate targets set at COP26. More than half of all new cars in the UK are bought by businesses, and widespread workplace charging can help car owners without access to home charging have an electric vehicle.

So we’re excited to have several strategic partners, such as vehicle providers and consultancies, lined up to start using our tech to support their business customers’ transition to electric vehicles.”

The Charge Platform™ is key to achieving the Innovate UK and VC-backed start-up’s ambitious vision to drive a faster, easier switch to electric vehicles across the UK and beyond.

Diode have shared a preview video tour of the Charge Platform™.