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If you’re looking for a home charging solution, the Ohme Home Charger works with all electric vehicles. Their intelligent chargers and app find the best real-time prices, including negative pricing, then they calculate how much power you’ll need for your next journey and charge your vehicle to the amount.

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Ohme Fleet Management Platform

  • Easily view all costs throughout your fleet, including a split bill over domestic, work and public charging.
  • Manage travel reimbursement through end users' reported personal and work mileage.
  • View CO2 emissions saved compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle and offset this data against your sustainability targets.
  • Digital view of real time data associated to your fleet, viewed at group or individual level.
  • Input domestic and work addresses for each end user, allowing Ohme to determine charging location and automatically allocate to personal or business use.
  • Understand total energy consumption across your fleet.

Key Features

  • Desktop App
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Ohme App

  • Easily start, stop or schedule charges
  • Set maximum price caps
  • Full charge history available
  • Connect to your car's API

Key Features

  • iOS
  • Android
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