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How it works

BusinessCharge harnesses the power and reliability of data to predict electric vehicle adoption across your business, identifies the right level of charging infrastructure, then manages the procurement process.


Software toolkit

Installing the right charging infrastructure can be really complicated and often businesses need a little help along the way.

BusinessCharge expertly guides you through the process, gives you the tools to generate an infrastructure recommendation and run a procurement process.

You can access our platform for free if you only want to procure charge points, or you can pay a one-off cost per user to inform and underpin your decision with our data-driven recommendation.

Six simple steps


Gather information

Gathering information is all about getting the process started – giving us the info we need to build a profile of your business and requirements. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  1. Business site locations and usage, such as employee, operational vehicle, visitor and customer numbers.
  2. Company vehicle information to assess their electric vehicle suitability.
  3. Employee email addresses so we can send them a link to our Driver Suitability Survey.

We only ask for information that we absolutely need and have a GDPR-compliant data usage policy in place. Once you’ve uploaded everything, BusinessCharge gets to work.


Electric vehicle suitability

Combining existing data, with our Driver Suitability Survey, BusinessCharge assesses the electric vehicle readiness of each of your company and employee vehicles, and considers when they are likely to switch.

Each of your employees will:

  1. Be invited to complete our short Driver Suitability Survey.
  2. Receive a personalised EV Readiness Report, full of information, tips, and guidance to help them make an informed decision on whether to go electric.

You’ll be able to check the status of employee survey results, view EV Readiness Reports for employee and fleet vehicles and see who is suitable for a home charger. You can even see the CO2 Impact for each vehicle.


Analyse and recommend

BusinessCharge crunches your data and survey results to build your charging infrastructure recommendation.

You can see a breakdown of initial and future charge points we think you’ll need, and you can drill down to individual sites to view your recommendation at a granular level.

This will include:

  • Expected energy demand
  • Number of business and home charge points
  • Charge point power
  • Implementation timeline

Update your data as your business evolves, and your dynamic recommendation will automatically refresh.


Review and create quote request

View and tweak our recommendation, then raise a Quote Request using our Quote Builder. This allows you to:

  • Edit our recommendation for the initial installation, your future requirement and charge point power.
  • Identify which employees need home charging quotes right now.
  • Specify your time frame for future installations

You can also specify the charge point features which suit your business, such as type of access, colour, branding and management software.

This approach gives you full control of the process, with the support of our recommendation as its foundation.


Competitive tender process

BusinessCharge carefully selects suppliers based on your requirements to receive your Quote Request which is sent directly from our platform.

Our platform secures you a Pricing Agreement covering both your initial and future charge point requirements.

Some suppliers may require additional information from you, and can use the platform to send you questions, or schedule a site survey.

Trust and impartiality are within the foundations of our platform. All our suppliers are subject to the same terms and conditions.


Compare, select and install

BusinessCharge presents your quotes, side-by-side, in a standardised, and easy to digest format to compare.

Key features of our Quote Compare tool:

  • View a high-level comparison, with ability to dive into the detail of each quote.
  • Adjust number of charge points to install initially and see your quote instantly update.
  • See home charge quotes for your employees.

Select your preferred supplier to secure the Pricing Agreement and schedule your initial installation.

Afterwards, come back at any time to arrange installation of additional charge points and raise quotes for new employees to your business through the platform.


Not what you’re looking for?

Our consultants are experienced in managing complicated charging infrastructure projects and are ready to chat

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